Bouki Fait Gombo


Bouki Fait Gombo centers the narrative of the Whitney Plantation around the slaves who built and inhabited the still-standing creole buildings, telling the story of their forced migration, work, and family life.


Authored by Sengalese historian Dr. Ibrahima Seck and released in conjunction with the planation’s rebirth as a museum, Bouki Fait Gombo documents the robust culinary and musical culture that arose from the Whitney, providing critical new insight into slavery’s impact on contemporary southern culture.


“This exciting book demonstrates the value of looking at Louisiana history, especially the discussion of folklore, foodways, and naming practices from the point of view of a Senegalese historian,” writes Gwendolyn Midlo Hall. “He reaches out from a sharply local study of the Haydel/Whitney plantation to an informed discussion of Atlantic history: an extremely difficult thing to pull off.”

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